Prof. Dr. Bertram Gerber (BG)

seeks to understand how mnemonic function – the acquisition, maintenance, and behavioural impact of memory – is organised at the levels of molecules, neurons, and neuronal circuits[103], [104][46][34]. We use behaviour experiments on larval and adult Drosophila which provide an experimental handle on these processes, and combine
them with tools that allow us to express any gene of interest, in any cell, at any time. Our group can be regarded as internationally leading in the development of new behavioural paradigms for Drosophila to neurogenetically study psychological matters such as perception, memory and in particular outcome expectations, as well as the presynaptic molecular network in memory trace formation. We have keen interest and experience in collaboration with theoreticians of learning and memory, examples of which include the above-mentioned Bernstein Focus consortium, and the organisation of the ESF-EMBO
conference From flies to robots (c/o M. Louis, R. Benton). Recently, we have endeavoured into a comparative analysis of timing-dependent behavioural plasticity in flies, rat and man, together with Dr. Markus Fendt (Universität Magdeburg, Germany) and Prof. Paul Pauli (Universtät Würzburg, Germany), in the applied context of understanding the behavioral consequences of ‘trauma’. This includes collaboration with Dr. Ayse Yarali, now junior-group leader at the LIN, to establish a computational model of such timing-dependence.

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