Professor J Douglas Armstrong (JDA)

is also in the Institute of Adaptive and Neural Computation and has done interdisciplinary work on systems biology and Drosophila behaviour for over 20 years. His group has published consistently in a range of top biological and bio-computational journals (e.g. Cell,
Science, Nature Neuroscience, Neuron, Bioinformatics, Plos Biology). In addition to the core research activities, he has also spun out two companies, Actual Analytics that develops software algorithms for video analysis and Brainwave-Discovery Ltd, a partner in this proposal that develops and commercialises Drosophila based assays for research and development. Of particular relevance to this proposal is his work in establishing and developing the Virtual Fly Brain database. This has the long term goal of integrating all the data required to build biologically plausible models of the Drosophila nervous system. JDA is also firmly integrated in a range of FP7 funded European research programmes including the FET Flagship human Brain Project and Integrated Health Programmes:
SynSYS and EuroSPIN where his academic research group focuses on data integration and analysis.

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