Update to EdWeb 1.5 part2

I finally applied the latest EdWeb update (1.5) to web.inf. Having first given it a few dry runs on a clone site. It went mostly without incident, and so far no problems have been reported/spotted !

After trying the EdWeb update on a clone of web.inf, I noted that a few manual settings were not preserved following the update (something we’ve been warned about if we’re not using the Features module). I’ve noted those manual changes in my project directory (web-config-changes), but boil down to enabling the rich text editor toggle, and various Organic Group permissions for the new OG role “infweb editor” on the homepages OG node.

I also had to update our version of the UoE theme (with local search and no banner image) to match the latest page.tpl.php file.

To do the upgrade, the plan was to take a copy of the DB and edweb directory (so I could roll back if necessary), run the various recommended drush commands to do the actual update, update our local theme, and then re-apply the manual config changes. These were the steps I had to do when trying it on the clone.

However, during the actual upgrade, the “drush updatedb” terminated with an “uncrecoverable error”. It gave some warnings, as my test had done, but I’d not seen the unrecoverable error before. I decided to press on anyway.

The next drush command “drush up drupal”, warned that there were still DB updates pending, and proceeded to do them (in my previous test, this was uncessary), it ran through the updatedb again, and this time it completed without an error.

At this point the web site looked fine, I went to redo the manual configuration changes, but I didn’t need to. This time they had survived. Which was obviously good, but makes me wonder what is different about my cloned version of web.inf.

After some more checking that things seemed to be OK, I spotted that some “page not found” errors were being generated for requests to bootstrap.min.js. It turns out this was a change of location that I’d not spotted in the new UoE theme, so I had to update our local theme again to mirror the new location of the javascript file. I also took this opportunity to fix the UoE crest and logo link, which I’d just spotted took people to the web.inf front page, rather than www.ed.ac.uk.

So all seems to have gone OK. It’s a bit of a concern that my clone of the live web.inf.ed.ac.uk doesn’t seem to be an exact copy, given the behaviour differences during the updates. I’ll have to check that I’m not missing something, but it should be as simple as taking (and restoring) a copy of theĀ edweb directory and the MySQL database, which is what I believe I’m doing.

Next to do will be to try the EASE/Cosign authentication again with this latest EdWeb release. IS have added my test webtest.inf to EASE, so I can try that to see if it “just works”, to rule out my previous difficulties when using our local Cosign.


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