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April 26, 2015

On the potential risks of AI

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There are two broad categories of topics being discussed around the potential risks of AI: The ridiculous (e.g. judgment day scenarios), and those that have very little to do with AI but are actually concerns over the current use of technology in general (e.g. military invasions, nuclear warfare, government surveillance); Essentially concerns over the constant immoral nature of ruling bodies across human history. Technology is just a word for the newest tools. What is needed in today’s modern world is not a debate around AI, but around government ethics, direct democracy and alternative economic systems. Then we can start talking about how technology, including AI, can be used to enable a real democratic world where the very idea of wealth accumulation, extra-planar old men, and professional politicians brings people to the verge of tear-filled laughter. The problems are obvious. Let’s talk solutions.

April 6, 2015

Rugg, Gordon, and Peter McGeorge – Questioning methodology

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Scientific paper quote of the week(?):

“… it is usually easier to assess reliability than validity, and it is tempting to hope for the best if the results are reliable.

An everyday example of this is the Father Christmas effect. if a number of respondents are separately asked to describe Father Christmas, then their accounts are likely to agree closely (white bearded man, somewhat overweight, in long red coat and hood with white trim – probably a more detailed description than many crime reports).”

– Rugg, Gordon, and Peter McGeorge. “Questioning methodology.” Work Paper 99.03 (1999).

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