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Option Handling and Moose

May 28, 2008

Further to my previous post on option handling in Perl. There is a rather useful Moose extension named MooseX::Getopt which allows the building of an object directly from a set of command line options. The class attributes are directly translated into an option profile for Getopt::Long. Here’s a simple example class: package LCFG::Foo; use Moose; […]

Option Handling in Perl

May 28, 2008

I’ve often used the Perl module Getopt::Long to handle options for scripts. This time I wanted something a bit more complex, I was aiming for something akin to the command-line interface to cvs. Basically, there are options which apply globally then a command and then command specific options. e.g. lcfg-reltool –quiet –dir dice/lcfg-foo release –checkcommitted […]


May 9, 2008

Recently I’ve been putting some effort into getting the new buildtools working. I am now beginning to get a good understanding of how and why the previous version became rather messy. If the aim is to make life as simple as possible for the software authors and packagers then the more this is done the […]

Simon’s wedding

May 5, 2008

Laragh and I were at Simon’s wedding on Sunday, we took a few photos.