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Module::Build with XS

September 30, 2008

This is mainly for my own future benefit. It has just taken me ages to discover how to build Perl modules using Module::Build when parts of the module are done with XS. The Build.PL needs to contain: extra_compiler_flags => [‘-Wall’], extra_linker_flags => [‘-lfoo’], include_dirs => [‘.’], where foo is whatever library you need to link […]

Platform Independence

September 11, 2008

Platform-independence is something which everyone aspires to when writing code (I hope) but is often one of the first things to go out of the window when time pressures come into play. In the process of preparing the LCFG build tools Perl modules for upload to CPAN I’ve been modifying various chunks to be more […]


September 11, 2008

The plan for the new LCFG build tools has always been that they should be packaged as “standard” Perl modules. The idea being that this should help people who want to port LCFG to new platforms or just work on platforms other than those directly supported. A direct consequence of this is that they can […]

Cat-A-Moose Part II

September 9, 2008

Way back in June I posted a link to an article discussing how the Catalyst guys were looking at porting the framework to Moose. There is now a follow-up article which covers their progress so far. I continue to find this work very encouraging, it is likely to drive development of Moose to make it […]

Eating your own dog food

September 5, 2008

I’m currently reading “Practices of an Agile Developer” which is part of the “Pragmatic Programmers” series of books. It contains many great ideas and tips on how to be a better software developer and is an excellent followup to the original, and now almost iconic, “Pragmatic Programmer” book. When I’ve finished I’ll put up a […]

One for the Perl geeks

September 4, 2008

When writing a Perl module to wrap various CVS functionality, no matter how much of a good idea you might think it is, you really don’t want to add a method named “import”. You will get the weirdest error messages when you attempt to “use” the module and you will feel like hitting your head […]