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Userfriendly it ain’t

March 17, 2009

It has long been accepted wisdom that these mouse-driven office “productivity” applications are in some way intrinsically more userfriendly than the command line or text file driven applications we are more accustomed to in Unix. Today I had the opportunity to prove to myself that this just isn’t the case. I had a file containing […]

LCFG Updates

March 13, 2009

It’s been a very busy week for updates to the LCFG web services. We have finally moved to svn over webdav for our headers & package lists repository and we now have the start of a move from CVS to subversion for the source code repository. All this means that we can finally involve external […]

Splitting lcfg-utils

March 4, 2009

Recently I have been working on converting the MPU managed LCFG components to being built via the new build tools. I’m down to the very last few now, one that I have been avoiding for ages is lcfg-utils since the current package build scripts are a bit crazy, it is all in a bit of […]

UKUUG Advanced Perl Workshop

March 2, 2009

Last Thursday I was in London to attend an "Advanced Perl Techniques" workshop organised by the UKUUG. The tutor was Dave Cross, who has written a couple of Perl books. He has a good style of delivery, he was generally very knowledgeable, the presentation was well structured and amazingly it all ran to time (that […]