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openafs project work

February 25, 2010

This month has seen a flurry of finishing touches added to the LCFG openafs component to make it even more useful and robust and it finally reached the point where it was ready for full service. This morning I took great satisfaction in ripping out the heart of the final manually-configured AFS DB server which […]

F12 network configuration

February 17, 2010

I’ve been struggling to get an F12 machine installed and working with network logins enabled for a couple of days. I think I have finally worked out what is causing my troubles. F12 uses networkmanager to start networking but that only happens after a user has logged in. That is clearly going to cause problems […]

List::MoreUtils unexpected behaviour

February 16, 2010

I’ve long been a fan of the List::MoreUtils perl module so I don’t know why this “feature” has never bitten me before. The module provides a number of functions for manipulating lists, in particular I was using any() and none(). any() returns a true value if any item in LIST meets the criterion given through […]


February 10, 2010

I guess a lot of people have gmail accounts and thus nearly everyone now has access to Google Buzz. At a first glance it seems quite nice and involves a lot less rubbish than Facebook. The question is whether yet another social interaction time-waster is going to get people particularly excited.

openssh and kerberos

February 9, 2010

At home I use Ubuntu for my various machines and I’ve now hit this problem a couple of times so it is probably worth detailing it here in case it affects anyone else. Before logging in to an Informatics machine with ssh I prefer to kinit to get my INF.ED.AC.UK principal into the ticket cache. […]

LCFG Server updates

February 8, 2010

It’s been a while since I touched the stable release of the LCFG server code but we’ve accumulated a few bug reports that need some attention so I’ve taken the chance to deal with them. In particular, "Allow dumpdeps to be run by non-root" is fixed and "servername resource not reliable" is partially fixed. I’ve […]