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No more FC3!

August 20, 2008

It has taken a very long time (much longer than it ever should have done) but we are now in the great position of having no FC3 DICE machines. Tim upgraded to SL5 the last group of machines this week and I’ve now eradicated all the FC3 related blocks in the LCFG headers, package lists […]

perl module conflicts

February 1, 2008

In the process of packaging up the latest Moose and Class::MOP perl modules (and all the other dependencies) I discovered that the build process of some of them is asking for a version of Test::Simple which is more recent than that which is on SL5. Normally this would not be a problem, I would just […]


January 31, 2008

Following on from a conversation in the COs chatroom the other day, the cpanspec package is now available for FC6 machines. If you run updaterpms on a “develop” DICE machine it will get installed along with the various dependencies. This is a recent version (1.73-1) from F8 so should be up to date with the […]