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LCFG Server tests

September 2, 2009

I’m still working on testing the output from development versions of the LCFG server by taking a known input and generating XML profiles which can be compared against known “good” output. The test suite seemed to be mostly running fairly well on my test server, telford, but I’ve been seeing a few oddities related to […]

Comparing LCFG XML profiles

August 31, 2009

Recently I have been having lots of “fun” working out how to compare LCFG XML profiles generated by different LCFG servers to see if they are functionally equivalent. As a first step I removed the contents of all the nodes which are obviously server-dependent, these are: published_at, published_by and server_version. This really is only the […]

Testing the LCFG Server

July 2, 2009

The first stage of the LCFG server refactoring project is to develop a test suite to ensure we don’t introduce any bugs or changes to the overrall behaviour. This will be based around comparing the generated output from the new and old server code given the same input and configuration data. I’ve put together a […]