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Forum server rooms power work July 2019 – affected services

As previously advised, the new Forum server room UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) will be connected to the server rooms on Saturday the 20th of July. This will necessitate the powering down of all machines in the Forum server rooms, and … Continue reading

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No new local blogs on blogs.inf or wp.inf

With the introduction of the University’s centrally provided blogging service (, no new blogs will be created on the Informatics and services. The central service is based on a current version of WordPress, and has a selection of … Continue reading

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groups.inf web server upgrade

The web server that hosts the web site (and various others) is one of the last to be upgraded to SL7. I had hoped to squeeze it in before the end of the year, but it will now happen … Continue reading

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mailman anti-spam filters

There has been a recent spate of spammers forging list member or list admin emails, and thus are able to post directly to the corresponding targeted list (as typically list members are always allowed to post to the list they … Continue reading

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Changes to local mail service

There have been a couple of changes to the local mail services recently. None of which Informatics users should have noticed, but for the record … Continue reading

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New certificate

The x509 certificate used to secure communications with changed this morning. The authenticated SMTP service uses an automatically generated certificated, ultimately signed by the University’s root CA. The service certificates only last a year, and this morning it was … Continue reading

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Our blog service,, is overdue an update. It is currently running 4.2.7 of WordPress, the current version is 4.5.2. The plan is to update to 4.5.2 (Coleman release) next Thursday 19th May at 9am. We’re not expecting any … Continue reading

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Planned down time for some group space

We have several terabytes of new disk space to attach to our SAN. Unfortunately this will mean shutting down the disk array ifevo3 to do the work. The data on ifevo3 is nearly all group space, plus some of our … Continue reading

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HTTPS Everywhere and problems accessing

We’ve recently been getting an increased number of support tickets about problems accessing Student Services pages. The common thread in most of these tickets is that the person involved is incorrectly trying to do so using an HTTPS URL. In … Continue reading

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Planned group space downtime

The disk array ifevo3 has a fault with its flash memory. Though it may be just about possible to replace the faulty memory without disrupting the file service, the recommendation is to shut down the the disk array to do … Continue reading

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