make comments on criteria available

Another (feature creep) request for the new system. It looks likes the mechanism is there and this will be easy to bolt on subsequently in which case it is unlikely to be done with this particular project.

Returning feedback to students wasn’t part of the  original project description, rather a requirement that has arisen in the meantime. But the fact that the reports are now stored is surely a  big step in providing that feedback. When we agreed at Teaching Committee that information from the reports  should be returned to students as feedback, I pointed out that it would probably not be possible to do it in June 2015, but I hope we will have something in place for June 2016.

Achieving this with the new system is probably just a case of Webmark also producing a
reduced version of the form just including the relevant fields students can see and then a specific index page for access by students that shows them that form.

Comment: That would be perfect! The “relevant fields” are:

  • Individual marking form: Comments on the criteria
  • Agreed mark form: nothing
  • Moderator’s form, if any: Comments on the criteria

I guess that an ideal “specific index page for access by students” would  be to include it on but with a time delay so that  it is only accessible once the examiners’ meetings have passed.