These pages are for the 2014/15 session of this course.

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This page contains information about two different kinds of feedback:

Feedback to you on your work

You will receive written feedback from the course lecturer on your work for each stage of the coursework assignment. In particular, the preliminary report is wholly formative: it does not count towards your final grade, but is there to help you improve your work for the final report.

The final lecture of the semester will review what you have done in the course, giving feedback and advice on how to best prepare for the examination.

Informatics statement on Coursework, Feedback, and Assessment
The University of Edinburgh Feedback Standards and Guiding Principles

Feedback from you about the course

You can send comments and feedback about any aspect of the course at any time to any of the following people:

  • The course lecturer, Ian Stark.
  • The year organiser, Mary Cryan.
  • Your class reps. Each year of study has dedicated student representatives, who can relay information on your behalf and raise issues with the course lecturer or year organiser. They will do so anonymously if you wish. You can email the current reps at

If you have any concerns or questions about the course, please do act and get in touch.

The School of Informatics also sets online questionnaires at the end of each semester for you to submit comments and suggestions on courses. Please take the time to do this once your course is complete: the course lecturer reads every comment individually, and survey results are posted online to advise other students.

Links: Student survey; Survey results from last year.