Lecture 5: Coursework Assignment Topics

Title slideThe coursework assignment for APL is to select a programming language feature from a short list, research what it does, try it out, and write a 10-page report about this. In today’s lecture I presented each of the five possible topics and outlined the assignment structure.

The topic list is:

  • Functional reactive programming in elm
  • Information flow policies in Jeeves
  • Programming quantum computation with Quipper
  • F# query expressions for language-integrated database access
  • Dafny: Verifying functional correctness

Submission dates for each stage are in the lecture slides and in the Coursework page on the course web site.

Thanks to everyone who made comments on the bibliography references, and picked holes in my System F coding.

I did not cover the final slides about grades and marking, so will revisit that in Friday’s lecture.

Link: Slides for Lecture 5


Before the next lecture, on Friday, find an online tutorial for each of the assignment topics. Send me by email your five links and I will summarize them for the class.


No no, that’s not really the point this time. You have to go out and find them yourself.