Lecture 17: Traits and References in Rust

Title slideToday’s lecture presented the core of Rust’s claim to provide safe systems programming: the use of move semantics, reference ownership and borrowing to provide precise and powerful memory-safe programming without runtime overhead. The features that provide this form a detailed deconstruction of what in other languages would be objects, but in Rust are carefully prised apart, each treated separately for their individual contribution. I also included a number of pictures of food to illustrate this.

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Screenshot of talkReasoning with Big Code
Peter O’Hearn

The talk at the Alan Turing Institute describes how Facebook is using automatic verification at scale. Prof. O’Hearn is one of the founders of the Monoidics startup which developed the Infer static analyzer, who moved to Facebook when they bought the company. Infer now checks the code for all Facebook apps, catching errors before deployment and giving fast feedback to programmers.

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The In-N-Out Burger, deconstructed. From Things Organized Neatly, by Austin Radcliffe.