Picture of entranceThe APL exam is this afternoon, 1430–1630 in St Leonard’s Land Games Hall. Please use the entrance in Viewcraig Gardens.

The exam format is as in previous years: you have two hours to answer two out of three questions. Read all the questions before making your choice.

Once you complete the exam, marking takes a couple of weeks. This includes internal and external review of the results, with particular attention to any borderline cases. The release date for individual course grades on MyEd/EUCLID is Friday 9 June 2017 — decisions about graduation awards or progression to MSc project should follow a week later, although this may depend on you degree programme.

Thank you for your participation in this course: in lectures, with coursework, and on Piazza. I am happy to write you reference letters for any job or academic application; please get in touch if you need this. It’s been a pleasure, and I wish you all the best for this afternoon and the future.

Links: Exam hall entrance; Exam information