CompSoc Open Learning Session

LINQ: Language Integrated Query in .NET

Mike Borozdin

CompSoc Open Learning Session
1830–2000 Wednesday 27 January 2010

The CompSoc open learning session this Wednesday includes a talk on LINQ, a mechanism for integrating one kind of language (database querying) into another (general object-oriented programming). This is one of the topics coming up later in APL: it’s currently a very active area of programming language development, and could be an interesting talk.

It’s bracketed by two other sessions, on singularity theory and the git version control system.

I don’t know anything more about the speaker, or even where it’s happening, because I couldn’t find that on the CompSoc site. Clues welcome.

Link: Wednesday Open Learning

2 Responses to CompSoc Open Learning Session

  1. s0672742 says:

    So when we are trying Esc/Java2 (JML) we must have j2se-1.4 set ?

    • ianstark says:

      The current JML tools run on Java 1.4, so you need that installed. It is possible to have more than one version of Java installed at the same time, although you might then need to go to more effort to direct JML to the right copies of libraries and so forth.

      Exactly how this plays off depends on the platform. What are you trying to run it on?