LFCS Seminar

Programming Language Ideas Escape the Lab: A Declarative Data Description Language for Managing Ad Hoc Data

Kathleen Fisher
AT&T Labs Research
4pm Thursday, 14th January, 2009
Room 4.31/33, Informatics Forum

Links: Seminar abstract; LFCS Seminar series

This talk describes the PADS data description language, which allows existing ad-hoc data to be processed into well-behaved standardised formats like XML. There are even machine learning algorithms to automatically infer appropriate PADS descriptions from a body of sample data. The work described is based on a range of advances in the theory of programming languages and machine learning.

Kathleen Fisher is an excellent speaker, visiting Edinburgh from the US, and I recommend this seminar for those interested in the APL course.

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2 Responses to LFCS Seminar

  1. Chris B says:

    Hmm… do I go to this or to the MLCSB lecture? ;-)

    • ianstark says:

      Fair question. In this case, I recommend you go to the seminar if you are at all interested in it. MLCSB will be further examples of Petri nets, including basic formalization and a matrix representation. This is all available in Heiner et al., Wilkinson’s book, and elsewhere, and there will be slides. You will actually need to look at those, but it’s reasonable to do offline. I won’t hold it against you…