Census, and possible change of time/place

I’ve just sent an email to all listed APL students. However, it’s possible that some of you are not yet on the official mailing list, so I’m reproducing the content here.

The next APL lecture will be at 10am on Friday, in WRB G.02 as usual. However, we are considering a move of time and place in order to avoid a clash with the Probabilistic Modelling and Reasoning course. This would probable be to the following slot:

  • Time: 9AM Tuesday+Friday
  • Place: 24 Buccleuch Place, room 1.08

Links: Room; Door to 24BP; Location of 24BP.

If the change in time or location will cause you difficulties, please let me know by email as soon as possible.

Friday’s lecture will review the topics available for your coursework investigation. Please make sure that by then you have read the titles, and find out what you can about the different subjects. You will have to make a choice, and submit some information about it, by the end of next week.

Link: Coursework Assignment

To find out exactly who is taking the course, and likely to be doing the coursework investigations, I shall take a census at Friday’s lecture. If you know that you will not be able to be there, please let me know by email.


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