ICSA Colloquium

2 November 2010

A Framework for High-Level Programming of Heterogeneous Manycore Systems-on-Chip

Wim Vanderbauwhede
University of Glasgow
3.30pm Thursday, 4th November 2010
Room G.07, Informatics Forum

Links: Colloquium abstract; Institute for Computing Systems Architecture

This talk presents the Gannet framework for programming heterogeneous manycore systems-on-a-chip. This is an architecture and programming language for directly targeting such devices, rather than delegating the challenge to operating system support mechanisms like threads and tasks.

You may need to sign in to enter the Forum, but state that you are attending a research seminar, following item 3 of the Forum access policy.

Coursework office hour

15 October 2010

There are no lectures next week, and you should work on your coursework investigation. If you have questions or problems you wish to raise, you can bring them to me on Wednesday afternoon.

Office Hour: 2-3pm Wednesday 20 October, Informatics Forum 5.04, Ian Stark

If the turnstile gates are closed and your student card does not open them, ask at the front desk for admission.

Otherwise, please post any questions here on the blog or by email either to the mailing list apl-students@inf.ed.ac.uk or to me Ian.Stark@ed.ac.uk.

Haskell Resources

6 October 2010

Lectures 6–8 will address some interesting uses of types in programming, with examples specifically from the Haskell language.

If you haven’t programmed in Haskell before — or you have, but Informatics 1 seems but a distant memory — then over the next week you should learn some basics of the language. The rest of this post suggests some resources, updating last year’s list with new material from students.
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Change: New time, new place

4 October 2010

To avoid the clash with Probabilistic Modelling and Reasoning, we are changing the APL lecture times; which then also requires changing location. Starting tomorrow, 5 October, lectures will be as follows:

  • 9am Tuesday: William Robertson Building G.11
  • 9am Friday: William Robertson Building G.02

That is, one hour earlier, with Tuesday lectures being in a new place and Friday lectures in an old place.

G.11 is at the other end of the William Robertson Building from G.02, but on the same floor.

Links: Map; Room G.02; Room G.11; Building information.

Microsoft Software licences available

3 October 2010

The School of Informatics has a subscription to the Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (MSDN AA). This means that we can offer licensed copies of a range of Microsoft packages. These are for “development” rather than “productivity” tools: Windows 7 and Visual Studio rather than Word and Excel. You can make arbitrary non-commercial use of these while studying here.

In particular, if your chosen coursework topic requires setting up one or more virtual machines running Windows, this can help.

If you would like an MSDN account to download the software and licence keys, send me an email.

Links: Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance; Student Use Agreement.