Census, and possible change of time/place

29 September 2010

I’ve just sent an email to all listed APL students. However, it’s possible that some of you are not yet on the official mailing list, so I’m reproducing the content here.
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Coursework Assignment

24 September 2010

The assessed coursework for APL is to research and write a report on one of the following topics:

  • Information flow in Jif
  • Programming the web with Links
  • Parallel programming in Haskell with par and seq
  • Asynchronous workflows in F#
  • Functional reactive programming in Flapjax

Preparing your report will involve reading research papers, technical manuals, and some code development on the system in question. Further details are available from the coursework webpage, including some examples of previous reports.

The lecture next Friday will review the assignment topics, and give information on preparing your report, its content and arrangement.


Do some basic research into each of the topics, in preparation for next Friday. Find out what you can, and consider which one most interests you. The lecture on Friday is a chance ask further questions about the topics, and any other issues that concern you. You can also post questions here on the blog, or by email to the lecturers.

Link: Coursework instructions

Welcome to APL 2010–2011

20 September 2010

Welcome to the Advances in Programming Languages course for 2010–2011. This year the course runs in Semester 1, from September through to the end of November. The first lecture is at 10am on Tuesday 21 September in room G.02 of the William Robertson Building.

Links: William Robertson Building; Room G.02 (Lecture Room 3).

Another room change

13 January 2010

From this Thursday lectures will be in AT2.11, not AT2.14. This is still in the Appleton Tower, on the same floor, but down at the end of the corridor. The room is smaller, but the seats (a) have desks in front and (b) do line up with the screen.

Room change

7 January 2010

We have a room change for APL: instead of the planned room in the William Robertson Building, we shall be in Appleton Tower,  Seminar Room 2.14.

David and I went to look at the previously allocated room, and although it is fine for space, it doesn’t have a PC or data projector. The new room has both a projector and white boards, which should be useful.

First lecture is 9am Monday morning. Weather permitting.