Coursework office hour

15 October 2010

There are no lectures next week, and you should work on your coursework investigation. If you have questions or problems you wish to raise, you can bring them to me on Wednesday afternoon.

Office Hour: 2-3pm Wednesday 20 October, Informatics Forum 5.04, Ian Stark

If the turnstile gates are closed and your student card does not open them, ask at the front desk for admission.

Otherwise, please post any questions here on the blog or by email either to the mailing list or to me

Lecture 4: Coursework Assignment Topics

1 October 2010

Presentation of the five coursework topics. Some good and bad examples of referencing. Requirements of preliminary report; investigation; and final report. Notes on working practices: aims of homework, exercises, coursework; avoiding plagiarism.

You need to commit to a topic choice by next Friday. This involves finding and reading references, as well as downloading, installing and running your chosen system. If you have difficulties with this, post a question below.

Links: Slides; Sheet; Coursework assignment; University marking scheme; Essay grade descriptors.

Coursework Assignment

24 September 2010

The assessed coursework for APL is to research and write a report on one of the following topics:

  • Information flow in Jif
  • Programming the web with Links
  • Parallel programming in Haskell with par and seq
  • Asynchronous workflows in F#
  • Functional reactive programming in Flapjax

Preparing your report will involve reading research papers, technical manuals, and some code development on the system in question. Further details are available from the coursework webpage, including some examples of previous reports.

The lecture next Friday will review the assignment topics, and give information on preparing your report, its content and arrangement.


Do some basic research into each of the topics, in preparation for next Friday. Find out what you can, and consider which one most interests you. The lecture on Friday is a chance ask further questions about the topics, and any other issues that concern you. You can also post questions here on the blog, or by email to the lecturers.

Link: Coursework instructions

Lecture 2: Coursework assignment topics

14 January 2010

Homework followup: closures in different languages; how C function pointers are not closures; feature interaction and closure oddity in Javascript.

Presentation of coursework topics; suggested report outline; notes on working practices.

Links: Slides; Coursework assignment; Function pointers in C are not closures: f1 f2 f3 f4.


1 April 2009

You should now have all received your coursework papers back by email, with a mark and a grade on the University common marking scheme.

David and I have put feedback for you on the papers themselves, as PDF annotations: a summary comment at the start, and other comments as appropriate alongside the text of your report. These annotations should show up in any PDF viewer, and certainly Acrobat Reader. Please comment on the blog if you have any problems accessing them, or have other questions.

The exam is on Saturday 2009-05-09, from 0930 to 1130, on the first floor of Adam House.

Good luck, and  thank you for joining the course this year.