Decentraland – Resources

This blog post is to provide resources and access links for Decentraland –

Temporary (Guest) login is possible without registering, but the avatar appearance, etc is only kept locally in your browser for that mode. Full facilities require that you link a cryptocurrency wallet to the account, though that can have zero funds in it.

The Metamask Wallet is suggested by Decentraland, but you can also log in via e-mail using Fortmatic (validated via a GitHub account) which provides a wallet ID.

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Supercar in Colour

The Network on Air free streaming evening on 25th Noveber 2021 of Gerry Anderson’s “You’ve Never Seen These”… (see also included colourised episodes of Supercar (Pirate Plunder) and Fireball XL5 (The Granatoid Tanks). Colourisation was performed by Live Pixel Technologies.

Colour Clip for Episode Pirate Plunder

Supercar and Fireball XL5 in Colour! | You’ve Never Seen These | Supercolourisation

Twitter (@networktweets) watch along using the hashtags: #YNST #GerryAndersonYNST

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Gotham in Second Life

A Second Life build by Hera (zee9) entitled “Gotham” as it might appear in the early Batman days in the 1940s or 1950s. Visit via the arrival portal on the Cloud Lake region via and then click on the board to Gotham…

Hera also created wonderful atmospheric Second Life builds of Whitby (see this blog post – 17-Oct-2021) and Whitechapel (see this blog post – 17-Nov-2021)

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Whitechapel in Second Life

A Second Life build in November 2021 by Hera (zee9) entitled “Whitechapel” as it appears in Victoria era (late 1980s) around the time of the Jack the Ripper murders. Visit via the arrival portal on the Cloud Lake region via and then click on the board to Whitechapel…

Hera also created a wonderful atmospheric Second Life build of Whitby – see this blog post (17-Oct-2021).

See also Inara Pey’s Blog Post on Hera’s Whitechapel in Second Life (14-Nov-2021).

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Power and Peril in the Digital Age

The Royal Society of New South Wales and the Learned Academies Forum in Australia ran a forum entitled “Power & Peril in the Digital Age” on 4th and 5th November 2021.

A child is born 04.11.21… That child enters a complex digital world that brings both power and peril. Join us as we explore how technology, health, security and industry in a digital age will impact our child’s journey as he/she approaches 2030, 2040, 2050 and beyond.

Cathy Foley, Australia’s Chief Scientist, used the fictional timeline of the 1960s “Jetsons” future family animated series to bring to life the timeline as the Jetsons was based in 2062 and as George Jetson, the father in the family would be born about now!

A talk by Dale Lambert, Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia and someone we worked with via The Technical Cooperation Program on the Coalition Agents eXperiment (CoAX) 2000-2002

Day 2 went into more detail on aspects of the life f the child born on 4th November 2021…

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This blog post is to provide resources and access links for

White paper –

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Microsoft Mesh – Resources

This blog post is to provide resources and access links for Microsoft Mesh (

Mesh for Microsoft Teams – Microsoft News – 2-Nov-2021.

Microsoft bought AltspaceVR as part of this development. See my earlier blog post on AltspaceVR in 2015.

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Rainbow Warrior

The iconic campaigning Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior ship sailed into the River Clyde in Scotland on 1st November to join other climate crisis activists encouraging world leaders at the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) to commit to changes necessary to protect the climate of Planet Earth.

Dolphins swim alongside Rainbow Warrior as it approaches Glasgow to send an inter-species message to COP26… [image from onboard Rainbow Warrior]

Current Location of Rainbow Warrior can be tracked on…

Channel 4 News (TV UK) report from onboard Rainbow Warrior on 1st November 2021…

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OpenSimulator Community Conference 2021 – OSCC21

The OpenSimulator Community Conference is one of the longest running virtual conference series, having started in 2013 and run annually since. The OpenSimulator and Avacon Inc. come together to run the event on the OpenSimulator Community Conference (OpenSimCC – grid.

Links to my blog posts on earlier OpenSimulator Community Conferences..

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Meta – Resources

This blog post is to provide resources and access links for Meta ( – previously Facebook) and its Metaverse developments.

Announcement at Facebook Connect 2021 on 28th October 2021: Mark Zuckerberg Talk (YouTube):

Keynote by John Carmack at Facebook Connect 2021:

Metaverse – Resources

Social Web + Virtual World + Content + People

I-Room-Meeting-with-Avatars socialweb-vw-content-people
Austin Tate Briefing on I-Room and its Applications to Operations Centres and Simulated Training, 29-Aug-2015 [PDF of Presentation]


A sense of presence across platforms and experiences is identified as an important aspect of the metaverse/virtual worlds. We have done work on Virtual Distributed Collaboration across platforms and reported on some experience of experiments in this area in the following paper:

Tate, A., Hansberger, J.T., Potter, S. and Wickler, G. (2014) Virtual Collaboration Spaces: Bringing Presence to Distributed Collaboration, Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, Assembled Issue 2014, Volume 7, Number 2, May 2014 [PDF Format].

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Halloween in Second Life

Haunted Hollow 2021

More Halloween Experiences in Second Life

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Whitby in Second Life

A Second Life build in October 2021 by Hera (zee9) entitled “Whitby Birth of Dracula”. Visit via the arrival portal on the Cloud Lake region via and then click on the board to Whitby…

See also Inara Pey’s Blog Post on Whitby in Second Life (16-Oct-2021).

A Drink at the Spouter Tavern in Whitby

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AI Fest 4

“AI Fest 4: Trustworthy AI” is organised by the UK Dstl on 12th to 13th October 2021 using the IVent online conferencing platform and Slido for Q&A and Polling. The meeting sets out to explore the transformational impact of artificial intelligence on defence and security and discuss the topic of ‘trustworthy AI’.

At the request of the organisers information and speaker content is not shared on open social media. But the above links should provide access to information shared on-line by the organisers following the event.

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Seven Dales Heritage Run 2021

DLMC-Logo-sThe De Lacy Motor Club (D.L.M.C) in Yorkshire has been running rallies, car trials and driving tests for over 50 years as noted in my previous blog post. After a year out in 2020 due to COVID-19 the Seven Dales Heritage Run was run again in 2021. As usual family members entered the event again this year for a nice run through North Yorkshire. Unfortunately we could not enter ourselves this year. But hopefully we will be back mi 2022.

Event Secretary Steve Cowley was kind enough to give us an event plate and the road book so we can try the route ourselves sometime.

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Second Life Book Club – Derek Künsken

On 6th October 2021 there was a Second Life Book Club get together with SciFi author Derek Künsken – – moderated by Draxtor.

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Expo 2020 Dubai UAE

Expo 2020 ( opened in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates with an opening ceremony on 30th September 2021 and will be open for six months from 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022. A “Virtual Expo 2020” runs alongside the physical real world expo on a range of platforms and including online events and experiences. More details at

A PDF Brochure with images of the architecture and pavilions at Expo 2020 is available here [PDF Format, 28 Pages, 7.5MB]

United Kingdom Pavilion, Opportunity District

Expo TV (Live with Features Each Day)

Live Chat Plays

Tours led by an Expo 2020 guide as he or she walks round some pavilions and facilities meeting those involved, watching live performances, etc. Polls, audience feedback via chat ( login required) provide guidance and audience interest feedback.

Virtual Expo Platform

The platform used for the front end user experience for Virtual Expo 2020 appears to be “Beehive” ( or something very much like it (see this Beehive Use Case for the Global Youth Engineering Climate Conference 2021).

Expo 2020 in Minecraft

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Supercar Wall Ice Cream Advert

And a set of adverts using Gerry Anderson productions…

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Interesting Locations on Bellisseria

This blog post on 12th September 2021 by covers some interesting locations to visit on the Bellisseria containment in Second Life… the location for Linden Homes such as my houseboat

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Global Youth Engineering Climate Conference 2021

The Global Youth Engineering Climate Conference 2021 (GYECC21) online virtual event took place on 7th and 8th September 2021 with exhibits and facilities being available thereafter until 12-Nov-2021. Over 4,000 attendees for some 100 countries joined the event. Use #GYECC21 in social media posts. Access facilities via

The virtual event platform used is “Beehive” (

See also

A few observations on the Beehive platform:

  1. The animated “Eco-Park” orientation approach and entry to the various areas works well and is easy to use and navigate. Watch out for “Nessy”.
  2. The “Points” system encourages exploration of the exhibits and galleries as well as use of the collaborative aspects of the platform.
  3. When an attendee tries to set up a 1-1 meeting, there was no means I could see to message them to better arrange mutually convenient times, or discuss in advance the topic of the proposed conversation.
  4. When trying to suggest an alternative time for 1-1 meetings for someone who had previously suggested a meeting, the time slot selector briefly flas
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360° Snapshots in Second Life

On 21st October 2021, the 360° Snapshot “Project Viewer” became a Release candidate as version

linden-lab-360-snapshot Since 2016 a Second Life “Project Viewer” has been under development by Linden Lab that allows for the creation of 360° snapshots in Second Life virtual world scenes (see this earlier blog post). After a period of inactivity, a new version was released on September 3rd, 2021.

The 360° Project Viewer allows for the capture of 360° panorama (equirectangular) snapshots which can be saved to the users’ local computer and then viewed or shared via social media streams, uploaded to sites that support 360° images such as Flickr, or viewed in VR for example via the “360 Photos” app for Oculus Rift. The facility can be accessed via the Viewer menu “World” -> “360 Snapshot”. For convenience, a User Interface button can be added to the menu bar to provide access to the 360° Snapshot Tool, or a link off the standard 2D snapshot tool also opens the 360° tool.

Set a suitable viewer distance for what you want to capture, and I find it best to look round and ensure all content is concurrently visible without refreshing as you look round. Try increasing the viewer cache size if it doesn’t.

Image Quality Choices

All 360° images are created as 4096×2048, 24-bit colour and 96dpi. The quality settings vary in the JPEG image quality saved setting, and hence the file size. All image quality levels looked crisp except for “Preview” which appears blurry.

Click on Thumbnails Below to View Example 360° Images on Flickr

l360_Damiano_4096x2048_2048_20210903_214710 sl360_Damiano_4096x2048_2048_20210903_214749
sl360_Damiano_4096x2048_2048_20210903_214710 sl360_Damiano_4096x2048_2048_20210904_101116
sl360_Damiano_4096x2048_2048_20210904_101116 sl360_Damiano_4096x2048_2048_20210904_101317

The above 360° images can also be viewed in this Flickr Photostream.

Issues Remaining with Second Life Project Viewer

  1. The “Preview” quality settings appears blurry in all instances. Perhaps a refinement to the quality being created here to make it the minimum that would appear crisp would be useful.
  2. When using the “Maximum” quality image setting, a few times some objects in view, such as a sailboat, was only partially rendered. Dropping to the next level down “High” quality appeared to render fine.
  3. The 6 sides of the cube “skybox” that are created to form the image can show clear demarcation lines at the sides of the faces… especially when the sky light varies a lot between the directions. The sea level can also appear with a straight edge and corner where the sides of the cube meet. See example to right.

Images from 360° Snapshot Project Viewer

sl360_Damiano_4096x2048_2048_20211022_141531 sl360_Damiano_4096x2048_2048_20211022_141603

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Space:1999 Moonbase Alpha Technical Operations Manual

Launch video for Space:1999 Technical Operations Manual by Chris Thompson and Andrew Clements… due for release in October 2021 via Anderson Entertainment.

Starlog Moonbase Alpha Technical Notebook

Released via Starlog Magazine in 1977 as a mail order item.

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Abba Avatars

50 years after their initial formation and 40 years after their last performances together, Swedish super-group Abba are back with a new album and a virtual reality concert planned to start in London’s Olympic Park in May 2022. Avatars created by Industrial Light & Magic and a team of graphics artists have created the Abba as they appeared in 1979 using motion capture by the four members of group themselves: Agnetha, Anni-Frid, Benny and Björn… Abba Voyage

Abba Avatars

Motion capture by Industrial Light and Magic. Image by Baille Walsh

Abba Voyage Motion Capture

Abba Voyage Arena – London

Abba Avatars Technology

Back in 2019, the web site GraphicNews had an infographic that described the likely projection technology to be used for the show. Click here for Infographic.

Track from Abba Voyage Album – I Still Have Faith in You

Extra Trailer for Abba Concert and Avatars – 4-Nov-2021

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Future Culture Edinburgh

Can we collectively reimagine Edinburgh’s cultural ecosystem and its future?

A mixed-reality workshop broadcast from Leith Theatre, Edinburgh with online participants via Zoom, organised by the Edinburgh Futures Institute. was used to allow brainstorm style input from participants… []

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Second Life – New Account Sign Up Experience

This is feedback after trying for myself the recently changed new account sign up web experience after receiving comments from professional colleagues joining Second Life for the first time, and being surprised at unsuitability for their purposes for the starter avatar they were given without choice BEFORE they were logged in, were visible to others, and used the appearance and avatar selection facilities. An issue seems to be the lack now of a selection of a starter avatar closer to their purpose and preferences BEFORE entering in world, as used to be the case (see this blog post of the process in 2016).

There seems to be no mention you have to go to e-mail and check that for the verification mail that is there. The viewer just says could not log you in!

Initially I could not log into the viewer the password accepted at account creation time, so thought that the password I had used must be wrong. I had remembered it correctly, as I could log in to the web account page. BUT when I came to change the password on the web it kept complaining the password was not suitable. I had to add more special characters and complexity than the instructions of a suitable password indicated before it was accepted. When that was accepted on the web page it also worked in the viewer. So there is some mismatch between viewer checks and account creation checks in terms of password complexity allowed (as at 30-Aug-2021).

The new avatar arrives at a “Welcome Island” where a few orientation areas allow the new avatar to get used to the environment. A Guidebook” is displayed in the viewer to walk the new user through the initial essential things of movement and interaction between objects and other avatars. the Guidebook and tutorials can be recalled at any point via a button in the viewer, and the user can return to a version of the Welcome (Back) Island – not the original one so new users are protected from hassle).

The initially allocated avatar seems to be arbitrary. Though feedback from colleagues indicates a single choice for female (shopping girl!), male (orange shirted 70’s bloke) and Chris (for no Gender/Non-binary) seem to be the avatars appearing on the starter/welcome region. I understand avatar appearance and complete avatar selection can be altered in the viewer, but a lot of users may be unhappy with the initial allocation in terms of look, shape, skin colour, etc. My colleagues say they lao feel under pressure at this point as they are aware they are in a place where they are seen by others. Removing the avatar selection carousel may not suit everyone. Maybe show the initial avatar choices or a “select later in world” option at account creation time? Or fundamentally change the initial process to use a personal “changing room” space BEFORE joining any public space.

I could not see an area where Linden Lab sought feedback after I logged in with the new avatar.

Details After Some Use

As soon as I began to obtain some of the avatar items and complete avatars, I realised that all empty folders in the inventory were not (by default) displayed. That meant when it came to amending or making a new shape the “Body Parts” folder was not visible to place these items in and to encourage organised inventory for new users from the start. This can be changed by the user, but is not obvious to new users.

It is also the case that opening group and friends tools to participate in social events is quite deeply buried. Placing these choices on the right-click context menu for the avatar (as it was for many years until recently) would be helpful.

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This blog post is to support a short project to have University of Edinburgh Information Services (IS) folks get started with (or return to) Second Life as part of the handover of some of the work with the Virtual University of Edinburgh (Vue) from Austin Tate (avatar Ai Austin) who has acted as the Coordinator for Vue from 2007.

Vue is a virtual educational and research institute bringing together all those interested in the use of virtual worlds for teaching, research and outreach related to the University of Edinburgh.

Project Aim from IS

Stuart Nicol on 24-Aug-2021: “I was thinking about getting some people in my team more up to speed with Second Life/OpenSim. One way to do this would be to get a couple of folks to work on a practical experiment. I’d like to set up a virtual office in SL as we return to our physical office … by setting up something akin to the approach used in the Vue virtual graduations (a screen in the office showing SL and avatars of those working at home, and a video feed of the physical office being displayed in SL). I’ve identified a couple of people who are willing to help with this, and was wondering if you would be able to advise them on how to set this up? It would mean that they begin to get up to speed and we would be in a better place in relation to keeping some knowledge of the environment.”


I think its a good idea to start in Second Life to gain experience. They can install the official Linden Lab viewer, but (later) I would suggest though that your team use the Firestorm viewer rather than the official Linden Lab one. FS is the most widely used viewer in SL but also has the advantage that a version of that same viewer also can be used on both SL and for the open source OpenSim grids. Both can co-exist anyway.

When you first enter Second Life there will be a welcome/tutorial area to help you get started. But here is some info and a short video…

Have ONE of the users register in SL with a “Premium Account”? It can be done monthly ($12), but my suggestion is to do it as one annual payment as its quite a bit cheaper… $99

This will allow that user to have a 1024sq.m. plot on a LL region without further payment… such as one of the Linden Homes in various styles.. like the houseboat I have. I think this is a good way to get a simple start and it can easily be changed later to a different style or to a custom use mainland plot (you just abandon the plot you already may have first), or even a private island like we used to have.

The rest can use free accounts. I will suggest a group is set up to link these folks. The premium user will get L$1000 (about US$4) as a starter fund and L$300 a week to have some funds if needed to buy items. Some free items for avatars can be found at helping Haven Gateway in Second Life at its “Freebie Village” via this link…

With that in place I can maybe join the folks in world and help them set up the office/base to support the group, rather than just the individual owner) and set up a media screen that should support the video stream inwards.

OpenSim can follow along if things work out… maybe by setting up an addon region in OSGrid to replicate what is set up in SL, but maybe starting with the OpenVCE collaboration region content as an initial setup.

Locations, Avatars & Groups

Temporary meeting place: Ai Austin’s Houseboat (Linden Lab Home):

Ai Austin
Gallagher Glenfadden
Nico Halfpint

Vuer (open group for anyone interested)
Vue Associates (Project group including people outside UoE)
Vue Development (Vue builders group)
Vue Experimental (Vue experiments group) [Used for this experiment]
Vue Maintenance (Vue estate managers and administrators)

Sample Video Live Streams

The aim is to link a real world space in IS via video into Second Life workspace and vice versa. We can explore a suitable format to use to play in world, but pretty much anything that will play in Google Chrome will work (as SL uses the Google Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) library to play content on inworld media surfaces.)

E.g. for a YouTube Livestream – use the embed/<video>?autoplay=1 form:

SpaceX Starbase Nerdle Cam:

Temporary Facilities for Meetings in Second Life

A number of Open Educational Resources (OERs) are available in Second Life to set up Vue facilities. See the blog posts Vue -> Openvue and Vue and OpenVCE OERs.

Vue Resources in Unity

The Vue continent 3D models have also been ported to Unity (and could be made available as a loadable .unitypackage) and via that to MMOs such as Sinespace (see this blog post).

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Clever Zebra – OpenSim Assets

The OpenVCE project ( contracted with Clever Zebra to produce the OpenVCE collaboration region virtual world assets for Second Life and OpenSim. Those assets are available under the Lesser GPL open source licence via or

The original Clever Zebra open source assets under the CC-BY-NC licence are archived at and this includes an OpenSim Archive File (OAR) file which can be loaded onto an OpenSim region using “load oar” region console command.

The OpenVCE assets are described in this readme file…

OpenVCE Virtual World Assets
Version: 1.3
Revision Date: 13-Aug-2009 (Second Life and OpenSim locations updated 19-Jul-2021)

Description: Freely available buildings, landscaping elements and textures to support the creation of collaborative and other facilities in virtual worlds such as Second Life and OpenSim.


The licence details and credits should remain attached to the assets.

Open source under the GNU Lesser General Public License (Version 3,
29 June 2007) for maximum flexibility and re-use potential.

The OpenVCE approach makes use of modular components from many other open source contributors and communities, and are available under their respective licences. Most parts are available from their normal open source download site.


Design and Development: Clever Zebra (
Design Inputs from AIAI, University of Edinburgh (Austin Tate, Stephen Potter)

The development of these resources was supported by a grant from the OpenVCE project (


OpenVCE web assets are available at:

Second Life OpenVCE assets are available via the Second Life Marketplace:

OpenSimulator OpenVCE assets are available on the OpenVCE region on OSGrid at hop://

Contact: and

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Skateboarding in Scotland in 1978 and 1979

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics (actually run in 2021 due to the COVID-19 epidemic) introduced Skateboarding Freestyle and Park Riding into the event list for the first time. It reminded me to go back over some of the early championships run in Scotland and at UK and European level back in 1978-1980.

I was Competitions Secretary for some of these events and Secretary for the Scottish Skateboard Association at the time as well as a skateboarder in the Edinburgh University Skateboard Club. We were fortunate to have excellent park/bowl riding facilities in Glasgow at Kelvingrove Park (see this short movie from the time) and in Livingstone, both of which had enlightened and enthusiastically supportive Recreations & Parks departments. A few of the competition programmes and competition regulations used at that time are reproduced here.


Click on any thumbnail image to see the full resolution version.

1978 Scottish Skateboard Championships

1979 Scottish Skateboard Championships

1979 1st UK Open Skateboard Championships

Congratulations Telegram to 1st UK Open Skateboard Championships Organisers from Rolling Thunder Skatepark, London

1980 Scottish Skateboard Championships

1978 Scottish Skateboard Association Competition Rules

1978 Scottish Skateboard Association Competition Rules
(click for PDF version)

The 1979 revised competition regulations added extra details and appendices for Park/Bowl Riding and Freestyle competitions along with the naming of tricks and their degree of difficulty.

1978 Scottish Skateboard Association Proficiency/Skatepark Grading Scheme

1979 Scottish Skateboard Association Competition Rules

1979 Scottish Skateboard Association Competition Rules
(click for PDF version)

SSA Badge and Competitor’s Registration Card

SSA – Annual Report 1977-78

SSA – Annual Report 1978-79

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Firestorm VR Mod 6.4.21

Firestorm 6.4.21 + P373R VR Mod: This build includes P373R’s VR Mod 6.3.3 changes merged into Firestorm release branch. No change to the VR Mod code is needed. It is created using “GitHub Actions” (GHA) thanks to Humbletim… see

The user instructions are identical to Firestorm VR Mod 6.4.12 which is described at

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Blue Origin First Human Flight

Jeff Bezos, Mark Bezos, Wally Funk, and Oliver Daemen have become the first humans to fly in Blue Origin’s New Shepard from the West Texas launch site. Funk, an 82-year-old aviation pioneer, became the oldest person to fly in space. Daemen, an 18-year-old Dutch student, became the youngest.

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Open Educational Resources – Vue and OpenVCE

This is a blog post to support resources from the Virtual University of Edinburgh (Vue) and Open Virtual Collaboration Environment (OpenVCE) activities to make them available on Contact – Stephanie Farley (Charlie). Downloads available are in


Vue is a virtual educational and research institute bringing together all those interested in the use of virtual worlds for teaching, research and outreach related to the University of Edinburgh.

Even before Second Life began to be used across the University of Edinburgh in 2007, groups in Business Studies, Education and Artificial Intelligence/Informatics had been exploring virtual worlds platforms for a range of collaboration, educational and research project uses. Early Multi-User Dimensions (MUDs), platforms (now long gone) such as “There” and commercial virtual world simulators such as “Forterra” had been in use, and Second Life itself had been used even in its very earliest incarnation.

The following blog post indicates what Vue usage there has been of Virtual Worlds…

The original Second Life Vue regions used from 2007 to 2019 are no longer maintained, but resources are available to use any available space in Second Life and a similar set of facilities are available on the OpenSimulator Platform and in some other experimental virtual worlds platforms…

Virtual Worlds Regions and Content

The Openvue “mini-continent” contains 12 256mx256m regions…

The lower right hand corner contains the “OpenVCE” (Open Virtual Collaboration Environment) region created by us and made available an an open educational resource that anyone can obtain and use in Second Life or OpenSim (see this blog post). It is also available as a selectable starter region on a range of OpenSim hosting platforms.

Open Educational Resources – Vue

Available via

  • OpenSim OAR (OpenSimulator Archive File) and terrain (.png and .f32 formats) for each region in the Vue “continent” as originally mounted on Second Life.
  • Extra OpenSim OARs and terrain files. Edinburgh is a variant of the Edinburgh Uplands region with “Edinburgh Castle” and “High Street” content that can stand alone. Sea-Vue is a simple region with only water and can be used for infill between other regions where useful.
  • Male and Female “Bots” avatars.
  • Second Life Marketplace – Ai Austin Store – resources to create temporary facilities on Second Life sandboxes or other areas where they are allowed to build.

Open Educational Resources – OpenVCE

OpenVCE content for Second Life is available via the Second Life Marketplace:

OpenVCE content for Opensim is available via

  • OpenSim OAR of all core elements and buildings.
  • OpenSim OAR of a pre-arranged collaboration region.
  • Presentation screen adjustments to scripts.
  • Readme and LGPL licence.

You can visit an OpenVCE region on OSGrid (free avatar via at

  • hop://

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