VCE Dive Trench Preparation on 2009-08-23

Thanks to Tai Clifford in the Second Life community for providing some of his excellent scuba equipment freely to VCE island users, and some of his underwater coral reefs and fish for the VCE Dive Trench. It will be in use for the first scuba diving VATAR event on 27-Aug-2009 ( to help new users get used to using their avatars. Best wishes for your exams from the OpenVCE community Tai.

2009-08-23-VCE-Dive-Trench-1 2009-08-23-VCE-Dive-Trench-2

Other images of Vue avatars on VCE region Dive Trench in Second Life…

2006-09-05-Scuba-Male 2006-09-05-Scuba-Female
2009-08-24-Scuba-1 2009-08-24-Dive-Trench-5
2009-08-24-Dive-Trench-4 2009-08-27-VATAR-Scuba_012

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