VATAR Scuba 29-Oct-2009

Ai Austin and Skye Gears in the Dive Trench for the VATAR Scuba event

2009-10-29-VATAT-Scuba-1 2009-10-29-VATAT-Scuba-2

Other images in the Dive Trench on the VCE region of Second Life using dive equipment by Tai Clifford, Reisekaufmann Zehetbauer of Taucher-Ausruestung TrendTown Travel and The Guided Tour Company.

2006-09-05-Scuba-Male 2006-09-05-Scuba-Female
2009-08-24-Scuba-1 2009-08-24-Dive-Trench-5
2009-08-24-Dive-Trench-4 2009-08-27-VATAR-Scuba_012

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