Experimental visualizations in 3D space for concept maps, semantic nets and issue argumentation

QOC Tale Lounge

Cocktail on a stick visualizations for Questions – Options – Criteria (QOC) pro/con argumentation about issues, options and evaluation criteria, with links to concept maps and detailed information both within the 3D space and outside it on a web portal.

Tate, A., Chen-Burger, Y-H., Dalton, J., Potter, S., Richardson, D., Stader, J., Wickler, G., Bankier, I., Walton, C. and Williams, P.G. (2010) I-Room: A Virtual Space for Intelligent Interaction, IEEE Intelligent Systems, Vol. 25, No. 4, pp 62-71, July-August 2010, IEEE Computer Society. [PDF Format]

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