Personal Aims for Participating in the MSc in e-Learning

I will note these here to return to them nearer the end of the course to see if they are valid and how I change in my view of what I am seeking… but also to see if my objectives are being met.

  • I wish to learn more about and make use of educational technology and methods for distance education delivery, assessment and community participation.
  • I want to see the experience of distance education from the perspective of a student.
  • I like a challenge and a clear target. An MSc is an achievable and valuable target. I do not currently have a Masters degree.
  • I have a role as Coordinator for the Virtual University of Edinburgh, and an interest in educational and tutoring technology.
  • I have a new role as Coordinator for Distance Education in the School of Informatics.
  • I also have a research interest in collaboration for training and exercise support for communities involved in emergency response. See
  • Interest in technology for the social web.
  • I have a suitable window of opportunity since my teaching duties are suspended for 2011/12 as part of arrangements within my School for a sabbatical which I partially took in 2010/11 while keeping all duties.

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