Reflections on Week 2.1 – Readings, PDF and Publisher Restrictions on Access

I have now got more organised with the various core and secondary readings I need to do on my courses. PDF is handy as I can load it onto my iPad, and will be able to take it on my travels. I will be away for much of week 4, and that could be a good time to get on top of, or ahead on the readings. On-line access will be very limited as there is only cellular (expensive) access where I will be. I find the restrictive paid for subscriptions a total pain. A check out time on some of 1 day is ludicrous. Useless for those of us that travel. I suspect many distance learners will really be affected by this sort of thing. We should boycott such publishers and stick to open published works in PDF. When their citation counts drop through the floor that will stop them restricting academic access to academically produced material. Course tutors should try to avoid recommending works that are not openly accessible as stable PDF that does not time out.

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