Lifestream Week 1

My Lifestream was set up on Monday 19th September 2011, and allowed to import activity in a number of feeds backdated to 1st September, so there were quite a few initial records. I blog and tweet as myself and as my virtual words avatar “Ai Austin”, often for very different purposes and roles, so I included feeds from both “characters”.  As well as the default EDC11 WordPress entries, my initial feeds include:
  1. Twitter feeds
  2. Blog entry feeds on the Drupal-based – the Open Virtual Collaboration Environment – which I use for my technical blogging for much of my research on collaboration, virtual worlds and intelligent systems
  3. Various MSc in e-Learning blog posting and comment feeds on the Holyrood Park Hub and Holyrood Park Blogs
  4. WallWisher Wall feeds
My blog entries from week 0 on the Introduction to Digital Environments for Learning (IDEL11) and the Understanding Learning in the Online Environment (ULOE11) were tidied up a little to establish better categories and tags. I made initial entries in my EDC11 WordPress blog and again modified them a little and added tags to improve the way they present to others.  I altered the appearance of my EDC11 blog, and completed the “About” page under a header tab.  I added a custom tab for experiments on a “Life Wall” for experiments I have started to complement the dynamic Lifestream. I added custom widgets to the right side to give a personal tag cloud, a short “message of the day” I can easily edit to give information directly on my blog front page, and a “search my blog” box.

It was interesting to look over the feeds sorted by each day, and via the useful icons types and realise that there were already a number of different types of interaction I make on the Internet and with the communities I work with. Educational technology is figuring a lot in the last few weeks, as is work on OpenSim.
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