Reflections on Week 2.3 – Balance, Push and Pull

Reading More Under Control

Having got a bit more organised with my reading I am just about on top of it at the end of week 2. I had time to read the papers ahead of a Skype chat in IDEL11 today and ready for an evening SyncTube chat for EDEDC11 later this evening.

I have found that as I develop some interests for possible essays on ULOE11, that I am making more sense of the readings on cognitive psychology approaches to learning, which before were washing over me. Reading with a purpose is always much more satisfying and useful.

As I am travelling now for over a week, I have looked ahead and got core readings and some secondary material in offline PDF reading formats to take with me for weeks 3 and 4.

Twitter – Push and Pull

I have been following the various searches on hash tags associated with the MSc in e-Learning overall (#mscel) and with the 3 modules I am on (#mscidel #msculoe #ededc) but the tools I am using are not good for keeping in touch. Tweetdeck was recommended by the Digital Cultures tutors and is great on the desktop, but, after Tweetdeck was purchased by Twitter themselves, the iPad verson has been deleted in favour of the Twitter’s own app. Typical buy-to-close-down approach by the big boys. The multiple column feeds which could include searches as well as @name follows was good in Tweetdeck, but is unsupported in Twitter’s own app. I will keep looking for a good tool – as its not realistic to keep manually checking all these feeds.

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