Lifestream Week 2

I am finding the summary of logos postings, comments and image uploads that I engage in across a typical work week an interesting observational sport.  I did a bit of analysis of the keywords and phrases in my postings across (for EDEDC11) and Holyrood Park (for IDEL11) and a Wordle scatter diagram of the phrases used… and it shows a lot of consistency in the topics I blog about across the two areas.  The “Life Wall” which I put quite a bit of energy into in the first two weeks of the MSc in e-Learning figures most prominently.

Wordle Diagram for EDC11 as at 28-Sep-2011

Wordle Diagram for EDC11 as at 28-Sep-2011

My Life Wall at is now pretty much as I wanted it to be… though I have yet to work out how to properly add tags onto the Google map.

I had quite a few tweets and some blog entries about “Other Worlds” a theme of the film fest and tweeting events on EDC11 this week.  I drew attention to some highly detailed worlds and imaginative worlds developed in film (Avatar), Prose (Larry Niven’s Ringworld), Games (Gran Turismo) and Artworks (Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” reconstruction in Second Life).  It allowed for some enthusiastic exchanges between myself and other class members on these areas. I provided YouTube video links for these in SynchTube at

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