Personal Learning Environments and Mashup Spaces

I like to create a web page when I start a new project… to add in the useful web links, pointers to information, notes, etc. Then I gradually structure that as more content is created. Most recently I have been doing that in the Drupal content management system on which provides convenient additional facilities such as column layout, blocks in to which content can be placed, mash-up capabilities right down to adding custom HTML and PHP code, and ancillary blogging, image handling, etc.

But for the MSc activities I chose to do some of this in my own web area at which initially just had my work on the “bat Life Wall” and where I wanted to collect together assets that would be long lived. I have more recently added extra areas there for my course blogs and Lifestream, my Junior Hairdressing experience for the ULOE11 module, and the virtual ethnography study for the Digital Cultures EDEDC11 module. There is also a password protected personal work area.

For work in week 6 of the IDEL11 course we will be exploring personal learning spaces and mash-ups, and so I have tried to look to do something new… something I have been meaning to explore for a while. I wanted to use a much more flexible layout that is cleaner, and adapts to the width of anyone’s viewer. And into which I can drop elements without causing problems of rendering in the wide range of browsers.

I am experimenting at which such a personal working space. It is based on a freely available and nice simple CSS style sheet from I have customised it somewhat for my sans serif font preference and colour choices. I added initial content that I had been collecting at http://openvce,.net./mscel and put in quick access tabs for my current MSc work and blogs.

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