Moodle/SLoodle Experiments – Issue 6

I have been in contact with the SLoodle development and test community in the last few week, as they are preparing a release that can work with the latest Moodle 2.1+. The time now seems right to try the alpha code version they have prepared, and after a brief exchange this week updated to 2.0.10 alpha. This could be near to being set as the first Moodle 2.0+ and 2.1+ SLoodle release. Previous versions only worked with the older Moodle 1.9+ reelases.

I have also been in touch with the SLoodle web site folks to point make suggestions on improving the descriptions of how to obtain and build a SLoodle setup. These changes were made to on 23-Oct-2011.

I now have the 2.0.10 alpha Moodle modules zip distribution and in world SLoodle rezzer object from the “Fragile” systems dispenser in Second Life on the Chilbo region:

So, these are ready to start testing a SLoodle classroom in Second Life with our Moodle 2.1.2 setup. I have made notes and given links to assist people intererested in Moodle and SLoodle at

Addendum: Cron job now set to run every 5 minutes to handle messaging and other matters. Set up as scheduled task on the server. See

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