A, B, C … Z

Ai, Be, Clones … Zap. I have been putting off upgrades to the Openvue region that hold the AI – Avatar Identity digital artifact… because I have gown quite fond of all those clones and the amusing and strange positions they have adopted as objects and the breeze have moved them a bit and they have started sliding or bumping into one another even when no one is watching and no users are logged in. Some now stand face to face, or up to their knees in water. Its just funny to see what they have been up to when you go in world.

But the time has come to upgrade. The technology for NPCs and avatar clone creation I used is not persistent over server side upgrades, so all the current avatars, and there are a lot now, will disappear… gone forever, zapped. They will exist now only in snapshots, the machinima and in our memories. The next set will not be the same and will never be the “original” artifact. But simply copies of copies of an idea. I will not look on them the same at all.

Luckily I now have in place some new technology still in an experimental form which will reinstate cloned avatars from copies kept as descriptions in note cards – like clones made from the DNA of a cloned avatar! Is this getting a bit deep?

So bye bye now to Ai’s clones and Be’s clones wherever you are in nooks and crannies all over the region, and I can see some of you as green dots in extreme places.

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