Lifestream – Week 12

Final Assignements

The majority of my work on the course finished last week, and I am now engaged mostly in reading over again selected papers that are relevant to my essays and final assignments on the EDC11, IDEL11 and ULOE11 courses. Some Lifestream events relate to tidying up and preparing extra screen shots for some of those assignments.

OpenVCE Developments

I have been busy on my main research project in the USA on the OpenVCE platform to provide virtual collaboration spaces for distributed teams engaged in emergency and medical responses. I established the OpenVCE group area on the US government’s non-classified “All Partners Access network” (APAN) which uses the ‘Telligent collaboration platform and provides the Adobe Connect services we need for observer access to virtual worlds meeting spaces. This burst of effort on my research project has also involved some further experimentation with the Unity3D platform, for example adding Tokbox VoIP. And also looking at the Collada conversion of the Second Life/OpenSimulator 3D build for the OpenVCE region. This allows the build to be taken directly into Unity3D for future use. These activities generated quite a number of Lifestream events.

Avatar to Avatar Chat

My earlier EDC11 digital artifact was “Ai – Avatar Identity” and one element of this involved an amusing chat bot to chat bot conversation transcript generated on the OpenSim region used for the artifact. It used MyCyberTwin technology for “Ai” and “Be” chatting together. The resulting transcript is at

So, it was funny this week to see that MyCybertwin in Australia has announced a contest with cash prizes for the best chat bot to chat bot conversation (using though their own limited set of example entities), and indeed a “Turing Test” challenge too. See

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