Pacman and Space Invaders

As suggested for the MSc in e-Learning Introduction to Game-Based Learning module, I played Pacman (see Wikipedia article) using a free web-accessible version at

I also took a look at another even earlier console style game “Space Invaders” (see Wikpiedia article) using a free web-accesible version at

Week 1 Task

Spend some time getting to know the game. Allow yourself to move from the incompetent stage, to a point at which you are beginning to feel that you know what is wanted, and you can improve your performance and get a better score each time you play. Reflect upon what is happening when you come to improve and advance as a player. Place yourself outside your comfort zone in relation to the playing of a game, such that you can feel what it is like to be a little puzzled and incompetent. Then read Greenfield (1984) chapter 7.

Comments will follow when fellow course members have had a chance to play the game and read the recommended paper.


Greenfield, Patricia (1984) Mind and media: the effects of television, video games, and computers, Chapter 7; Video Games, Harvard University Press.

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