Na’vi Clans in Second Life – The Ikran Climb

Na’vi people challenge themselves in various ways. One ritualistic challenge (Kane, 2005, ancient vision of humanity and learning styles) taken by mature Na’vi males and females when they have attained sufficient skill is to climb the dangerous route into the floating mountains and to ascent to the platform where the unbonded ikran roost.

The challenge requires agility, navigation, daring and environmental knowledge to complete. There are dangers, and failure can lead to longer training periods. This is an example of the sort of training experience given to young natives in many cultures to learn necessary skillls amongst their peoples and for the good of the society.

Once a na’vi is bonded with an ikran, that is a bond for life. Ai’tswayon (meaning Ai Fly) is bonded with the ikran Ai’tsyal (meaning Ai Wing).


Kane, P. (2005). The play ethic : a manifesto for a different way of living. London, Pan. Introduction; Towards the Play Ethic. Chapter 2; A General Theory of Play

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