World of Warcraft – Pet Bears

I set up a test character in the free to play up to level 20 WoW, and struggled round for ages avoiding all sorts of things wandering around as I did not know who was good and who was bad. I did not attack them and I deliberately stayed in the initial training area… even got my character to level 4… which Hamish promptly told me he could do trivially and in seconds (as someone already at level 35 I would expect so! 😉

But I already have my target… and that’s all I need… different to Pacman which just seemed to be higher scores or levels which did not engage me at all. It already guided me in race and trait choices… how else would you decide?

I want a pet grizzly bear as a companion… they look great in the prerendered sequences. Details of types available at I bet its not so good in the game 🙂

Intrinsic motivation in place I think! Now why are we using WoW again for the course 😉

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