World of Warcraft – Intrinsic Motovation – Dun Morogh to Northshire Abbey

I like self set goals…. and one was to get my Dwarf Hunter and Grizzly Bear from the zone where it is initially based in World of Warcraft across to Elwynn Forest so I could travel to Northshire Abbey and meet up with the GBL Fellowship when they are ready to enter WoW.

I did quests to earn enough coppers and skill to travel across Dun Morogh to find a Gryphon Master who could offer me a flight across to Goldshire in the Elwynn Forest – within walking distance of Northshire Abbey. After an exciting gryphon flight over many interesting looking zones, I am now safely installed and resting at the Lions Pride Inn in Goldshire. Awaiting my fellow journeymen.

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