World of Warcraft – Intrinsic Motivation and Travel

I have maxed out my free level 20 Dwarf Hunter, but I was already moving on to a goal I find much more interesting than levels and gold… extreme travel. I am exploring the limits of what can be achieved with skill, care, community support and some (replenishable) resources. My aim is to reach all continents in World of Warcraft Cataclysm. To travel by a variety of means, and to explore some of those (often dangerous) regions. In fact I have already found I can cross to earlier base games beyond Cataclysm. I am also exploring short term timed events in these spaces.

World of Warcraft Twinks

It seems that some players are choosing to limit their characters to specific levels… and then trying to max out their skills, equipment, experience, and quest completion at the fixed level. Setting their own “extreme for the level” challenges at a given level. A process referred to as “Twinking”. There are even entire guides to being a “Twink at Level 1”, What you can do by Twinking at Level 20, etc. Players take on the constraints of the level limitation as a form of additional game rule for enjoyment – and below level 20 to save paying 🙂

See for example:

A Google Maos based interactive map of World of Warcraft realms is available at

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