World of Warcraft – Dwarf Hunter Traveller


I have found it much more interesting to explore the routes, travel mechanisms and locations which can be reached in World of Warcraft rather than just carrying out more quests, which I find are very linear in their design, with seemingly pointless to and fro movements.

I explored Stormwind Harbour, used the boat routes available from there (and Menethil Harbour) to locations on the continent of Kalimdor, and found Thargold Ironwing who kindly gave me a free gryphon tour of the harbour – see

At level 20 my Dwarf Hunter was able to learn a riding skill to allow for a mount to be purchased and used. So I now have the steed appropriate to the Dwarf race, a ram. This makes movement between sites much quicker and allows low level attacks to be avoided.

I am now discovering more route and vehicle types including an ornithopter and a (repaired) bomber.

Mind y’er back…

Note added October 2017… you might try the Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology to identify the type of gamer you are on Richard Bartle’s Gamer Types categories…

On this test, Ai Austin appears to be mostly “Explorer” which sounds just about right!

Mind y’er back…

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