World of Warcraft – IDGBL Party – Deadmines – 15-Mar-2012

The Fellowship of IDGBLers met once more on 15th March 2012. This time to take on the challenge of a “Dungeon” available through a portal which takes you into a separate “instance” of the game.

I think we had fantastic teamwork. If we had just sailed in to the Dungeon with 4 strong players and even my short legged dwarf we could have wiped out everyone. Without much stratgey. But Coranich left to pick up a classmate.. and we all got wiped out! We tried again with much more care and planning and despite a few “deaths” we won through. Folks covered one another better, and we went to find lost characters – like myself once too. We had to learn new tricks for blasting open doors too. We were definitely in our ZPD.

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