Moodle/SLoodle Experiments Issue 15 – a Custom SLoodle Demo Object

To provide a basis for custom facilities in a SLoodle classroom or virtual world meeting space, Edmund Edgar, one of the core SLoodle developers, has described how to add a new (demonstration or template) object in Second Life/OpenSim and how to connect it to a Moodle/SLoodle module:

Making new Sloodle objects (SLOODLE_2.x)

As at 24-Oct-2012, the Moodle end PHP code contains a definition for a demo object, but it’s turned off by default. To turn it on, edit this file on your Moodle web site


… it may be set to only show for SLoodle 1.0 setups …

$sloodleconfig->collections= array(‘SLOODLE 1.0’); // Not currently displayed in SLOODLE 2.0

… so check that line and, if it needs changing, alter it to:

$sloodleconfig->collections= array(‘SLOODLE 1.0’, ‘SLOODLE 2.0’);

That should make it start showing up in the in-world Sloodle rezzer.

There is no in-world Demo Object in the current rezzer as at 24-Oct-2012, but you can add a “sloodle_rezzer_object” script to an in world prim, and any demonstration code you need for your module (e.g. using the sample in …../mod/sloodle/mod/demo1.0/objects/default/assets/sloodle_mod_demo-1.0/sloodle_mod_demo-1.0.lslp).

Then put the Demo Object into the in world SLoodle rezzer it in your new rezzer and it be available to add to a SLoodle scene.

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