Coursera AI Planning MOOC Statistics 2013

This post shows data for the Coursera AI Planning MOOC 2013 session taught by Gerhard Wickler and Austin Tate of the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. The MOOC ran from January to March 2013.

Passes at Each Level of Participation 2013

Pass Level Badge Number Passing
Awareness Level 37% 352
Foundation Level 60% 148
Performance Level 75% 152

Numbers achieving various score levels:

Numbers Achieving Various Scores

University of Edinburgh MOOC Survey – AI Planning MOOC – Participants by Country

AI Planning MOOC - Participants by Country

Click above for interactive Google map. Click here for static image version of map.
Version: 11-Feb-2013 – based on sample of 3,335 AI Planning MOOC respondents.
Gender: Female=633 (19%), Male=2663 (79.9%), No Response=39 (1.2%)

AI Planning MOOC Course Survey Results 2013

AI Planning MOOC - Pre-course Survey
Click on image for larger version.
Version: 3-Feb-2013 – based on sample of 4,728 AI Planning MOOC respondents.

User Activity

Initial Number Registered 28,689
Registrations During Course 4,505
Pre-course Unique Users Watching Video 1.1 12,255
Pre-course Unique Users Submitting a Survey 5,085
Unique Users Watching Another Video 9,022
Unique Users Submitting a Homework 1,826
Unique Users Submitting a Quiz, Assignment or Exam 742
Number Achieving a Pass Level 652
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
Total Registered Users 28,689 29,936 29,594 29,070 28,619
New Users Registered During Week 2,826 1,475 731 376 397
Unique Users Active During Week 10,921 7,673 5,684 4,278 3,664
Unique Users Watching Videos to Date 9,186 10,449 10,934 11,324 11,794
Unique Users Watching a Week-N Video 9,022 4,667 3,014 2,366 2,071

Edinburgh MOOC Report – 20th May 2013

The University of Edinburgh Distance Education Initiative MOOC Team published a report on the first six Edinburgh MOOCs which has some fascinating reading… MOOCs@Edinburgh 2013 – Report #1

A summary blog post by Donald Clark in Brighton gives a good summary… Report on 6 MOOCs turns up 10 surprises

Post-course Survey 2013

The University of Edinburgh Distance Education Initiative MOOC Team conducted a post course survey for all the 2013 Edinburgh Coursera MOOCs, and the “student satisfaction” response for the AI Planning MOOC showed that 93% of respondents found the course excellent, very good, or good.

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3 Responses to Coursera AI Planning MOOC Statistics 2013

  1. Katy says:

    Thank-you for sharing this information 🙂 I’m interested in the ways that MOOCs are assessed – could you give further details about what the homeworks/quizzes/assignments involved? Were they auto-graded (such as multiple choice quizzes) or did the course include peer graded assessments? Thanks!

    • bat says:

      We used a combination of in video quizzes, non-scoring quizzes, scoring exams (with a range of options), programming assignments and a challenge that had community review – but it did not this time use the peer-grading mechanism as we had no experience of that. So essentially we used almost all of the Coursera platform assessment features except for peer grading this time.

  2. bat says:

    A report on “The pedagogy of the Massive Open Online Course: the UK view” has been prepared by Siân Bayne and Jen Ross of the University of Edinburgh School of Education for the UK Higher Education Academy (HEA) and published as a PDF document on 6th March 2014.

    This includes some commentary on the AI Planning MOOC course design and statistics from the 2013 session.

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