Cloud Party – Virtual World in a Browser with WebGL

Cloud Party has been available for the last year or so and I tried it out when it first appeared. Since, initially, Facebook linked login was required, and I long ago ditched Facebook due to its constant creep on privacy settings, I was only willing to create a “guest” avatar at the time which did not allow for appearance persistence or the use of a “home” virtual 3D space. That’s changed and several log in mechanisms are now available with Cloud Party.

Cloud Party gives a good indication of what might be possible with web-based 3D viewers based on WebGL – see this Blog Post at New World Notes for more information.

Visit my (underdeveloped) Cloud Party Home Space at And a shared Moonbase Alpha Space is available for trial building and to meet others at

Cloud Party Pictorial Inventory

Unity3D and Smart Fox Pro

Another possibility for browser based delivery of multi-user virtual worlds is Unity3D, along with the Smart Fox pro multi-user server library. Our OpenVCE environment in OpenSimulator exported and converted to a 3D model via Tipodean model conversion service –

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