Fish4Knowledge Pavilion and Underwater Observatory in Second Life and OpenSim

The Fish4Knowledge (f4K) has an exhibition pavilion and an underwater observatory/aquarium in Second Life and OpenSim. An information page for the Fish4Knowledge Pavilion and Underwater Observatory in Second Life and OpenSim is at

Chen-Burger, Y-H. and Tate, A. (2015) The Fish4Knowledge Virtual World Gallery, in Fish4Knowledge: Long-term Fish Observation Using Video Processing and Visual Analytics (Fisher R.B., Hardman, L., Lin, F.P., Giordano, D. and Chen-Burger, Y-H. eds.), Chapter 18, pp. 243-248, Intelligent Systems Reference Library, Springer. [PDF Format]

Second Life

The Second Life Fish4Knowledge facility has been in place on the “Edinburgh University” region since October 2010 and comprises an exhibition and project meeting area with posters and videos. [Note: It was moved to the “Vue” region in November 2015.] It can be visited via the SLurl in any Second Life compatible viewer.

Top Row: F4K Second Life Images. Middle Row: F4K OpenSim Images.
Bottom Row: Justin Reeve’s Underwater Observatory in OpenSim. First image has water removed.


The Fish4Knowledge facility has been recreated on the OpenSimulator-based “Edinburgh University” region accessible from any “Hypergrid”-based OpenSim grid. It is also replicated on the free-to-use publicly accessible OSGrid on the “Edinburgh” region. Both have similar facilities to the Second Life area. An OpenSimulator Archives (OAR and IAR) have been created to allow the facility to be ported to any OpenSim grid. The “hop” locations which may be used within an OpenSim capable viewer, such as Firestorm, are…

hop:// University/80/200/25

Justin Reeve’s Underwater Observatory Region for OpenSim

Justin Reeve has created an OpenSim region with an underwater observatory and working submersibles, etc. Some details of his build and the open source assets he used to create it are at: You can visit his own Undersea Observatory region in Kitely at Other OpenSim related builds from Justin are available at

Olivier Battini at New World Grid in France uses this Undersea Observatory OAR as one of the three available initial region setups for his grid add on regions. The default is our own OpenVCE virtual collaboration environment OAR.

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