OpenSim Dev Meeting and Avatar Load Test

The regular OpenSim Developers meeting took place on OSGrid Wright Plaza at 7pm BST on 13th May 2013.

This was followed by a trial run by Nebadon Izumi to test higher number of avatars in a 4 corner sim setup using standard OpenSim software (not using the Intel DSG).

Final tally: 121 avatars.

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2 Responses to OpenSim Dev Meeting and Avatar Load Test

  1. A successful (no server crashes) and informative (it helped identify a fix for a major bug) load test. 121 avatars, woot! Congratulations to the organizers and all participants.

  2. From the chatlog:

    [2013/05/14 13:31] Nebadon.Izumi yes, thank you everyone! great success today
    [2013/05/14 13:31] Nebadon.Izumi there will be more of these real soon
    [2013/05/14 13:32] Nebadon.Izumi we already fixed 1 major bug
    [2013/05/14 13:32] Nebadon.Izumi because of it
    [2013/05/14 13:32] Nebadon.Izumi if you were having trouble seeing mesh after HGing
    [2013/05/14 13:32] Nebadon.Izumi that bug is now fixed
    [2013/05/14 13:40] Nebadon.Izumi I was expecting atleast 1 crash
    [2013/05/14 13:40] Nebadon.Izumi we made it the entire time without a crash

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