Announcing the First OpenSimulator Community Conference (OSCC-2013)

The Overte Foundation (the non-profit Organisation behind the OpenSimulator Community) and AvaCon (a non-profit Virtual Worlds Conferencing and Event Organisation) are pleased to announce the first annual OpenSimulator Community Conference 2013, to take place on the OpenSimulator Conference Center grid on September 7 – 8, 2013. The OpenSimulator Community Conference will be a celebration of the platform and of the large and varied community using and co-creating it. It will feature two days of keynote speakers, presentations and panels on different topics, and an expo area to showcase community activities and projects. For more information please see the conference website at

I will be involved in organising the Research & Education track of the conference with Mic Bowman of Intel Research and Crista Lopes of the University of California at Irvine. The call for papers and other contributions for the track is available directly at:

Link to blog post:

An OpenSimulator-based virtual world meeting facility is being prepared to accommodate the conference and the expo area that will accompany it. Load testing by the OpenSimulator community as been taking place to test and prepare for this.

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