MOSES DSG Virtual World Role Play Scenario


The MOSES DSG #3 virtual world role play scenario uses the US Army Research Lab’s MOSES OpenSimulator setup and Intel’s Distributed Scene Graph (DSG) technology intended to allow for larger numbers of avatars to be simultaneously in a virtual world region and role playing or training together. The OpenSimulator Grid LoginURI is

The scenario is set in 2023 in the fictional town of Brentville in the fictional country of Atropia which has rich natural resources that generate potential threats from external forces. Atropia and its neighbour Minaria have been at war for 18 months and have just signed a bilateral ceasefire agreement brokered by the UN and a joint coalition force is deployed to assist.

My own role is defined in the scenario documents as one of the civilian villagers in the scenario…

  • Gerald Castle (Male Age 26)
  • Family Relationship: Castle Family Son
  • Primary Location: Bridge where traders gather
  • Secondary Location: Dixon’s Warehouse
  • Political Affiliation: As a trader that travels, he sees a wide variety of villages and towns. He fears the religious fundamentalists and has seen the violence in those areas of Atropia. He pays attention to Mayor Cobb and the city council
  • Skills: Trader; negotiator; semi-literate; good with numbers
  • Behaviour: Shady; considering becoming part of Dixon’s smuggling trader ring; married to Sally, sister of his young step-mother Penny Castle (he brought them both back to Brentville on a trading journey). Avoids Trader Shepperd and religious arguments.

There was an initial briefing for participants role playing soldiers on 16th July and for those role playing villagers and civilians on 17th July…


During the experiment itself on 20th July the whole village area was engulfed in a dust storm…



Over 50 avatars were engaged in DSG#3 in total… images of a discussion and debrief in the village marketplace follow…




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  1. Very interesting use of 3D simulation. As I am myself working in a company providing 3D simulators for civil security, I found this experience very interesting. What were the feedbacks of this scenario ?

  2. bat says:

    Follow @vrdeity on Twitter (Doug Maxwell of the US Army Research lab STTC group) to watch for the reports of these events. I also retweet these and my own involvement in such events on @batate

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