Supercar and Black Rock Lab in OpenSim – Collada Mesh Tests

Following testing of Collada 3D mesh import to Second Life and OpenSim when mesh uploads were first available in 2010, documented here… I returned to do some further testing of large scale mesh imports using the Gerry Anderson Supercar and Black Rock laboratory meshes used in previous tests. The original models had been created in 1998 in Cinema 4D and later converted through Studio 3D Max, with some adjustments to “thicken” the elements (via a “shell modifier” to add a small 0.01 thickness on the inside and outside of each element of the models, a helpful suggestion made by Mateen Greenway of the GAMMA modelling group) to prevent flipped normals that had caused holes and missing faces to appear in early Second Life and OpenSim mesh import tests. The result was then exported via an OpenCollada plugin to the Collada .DAE file format, imported to OpenSim (via the Firestorm 4.4.2 viewer), and then tidied up a little there to simplify some plain cuboid objects. A bit of texturing and the models then appear as expected.

The Collada test imports were done on a stand-alone “Sim-on-a-Stick” implementation of OpenSim, then saved as an OpenSim Archive (OAR) file and an Inventory Archive (IAR) file. These were loaded up to a new “Black Rock” region on OSGrid. Images of this region are shown below…







Visit the Supercar team on the “Black Rock” region on OSGrid.

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